About Us

Wuxi million has driving school created Yu Shang century 70 generation, is has high visibility and good reputation of car driver training institutions, Wuxi million has driving school, and Wuxi driving school, and Wuxi learn car, and Wuxi driving school price, and Wuxi learn car price, and Wuxi which driving school good, and Wuxi learn car how many money, and Wuxi learn car which driving school good, and Wuxi driving school phone, and Wuxi learn car registration phone, company headquarters is located in five in Lake beautiful of Taihu Lake Metro-Taihu Lake Street, around environment beautiful, traffic convenience, climate pleasant. Center has first-class Office and reception lobby, and lakeside Mall, a plum garden, meicun, Tin East new town and other places, without registration training. Center has a good style, with high quality and excellent technical team coach.
teaching training in strict accordance with national, provincial and municipal police, syllabus intelligently in the transportation sector, information technology, modern management and training, significantly improved levels of driving the actual operation.