Automotive supplies market waves dark way of breakthrough

"Gold and nine silver cross" is a traditional car sales season, national automobile market in the past two years the two hit a stellar month. But this year yilai, with in the low-end car capacity rendering excess situation, plus national level of subsidies policy stopped, economic and into adjustment stability increased of stage, oil only rose not fell, inflation caused life cost rose, subsidies and pouch while shrink, market needs obviously declined, auto market will whether in "gold nine silver ten" Jedi anti-attack has yet to be elegant, but this year summer, whole car market of sales status surprisingly to light, domestic auto market also is in downturn in the up downs v is not race of facts.
the vendors scrambled to cut prices, making repeated compression vehicle sales profit, car dealers have to other jobs. "The battle" competitive tobacco has not dispersed, the dealers have brought attention to the "second front" vehicle repair and maintenance, brand jewelry, cosmetic modifications ... ... As long as you can to earn popularity, vendors will continue to explore these areas.
the traditional automobile supplies industry "habitual" waited "ten gold and nine silver" brings wave of deals, seasonal changes, new products, promotions ... ... With traditional business practices the traditional peak season. 2011 gold and nine silver ten, China's automotive market is like a "replica", appears to be quietly waiting for outbreaks in the coming year.
but national of beauty shop, and modified shop, and 4S shop, and fast repair shop, and car supplies shop, and steam repair factory (following collectively "Terminal shop") Yangyang 100,000 more than, and wholesale shop (including logistics business, and province generation, and City generation, and zero and camp big shop) also up to thousands of; in this "100,000" and "thousands of" in the for how achieved "live down", and "earned one points", and "improve market share" expand with has been yilai of competition, in 2011 of gold nine silver ten who in ready, innovation breakthrough? Also around this "100,000" and "thousands of" competing and tens of thousands of auto supplies plant, also has been implemented in plot or even car dealers, more competition from the network ... ... As calm as a Lake on the surface of the car market, in fact there is also dark waves. A competition for auto aftermarket duel quiet.
Auto has become a car owner must, industry sales pattern is characterized by diversification, networks and electronic marketing patterns gradually strengthened and auto consumption patterns are sold through network in a very quick way to get into the industry, and tend to be popular. With the price of the car down and States the constant stream of favorable policies to encourage cars into families, growing popularity of automobile consumption, tends to be popular. National Centre for regional urban sector demand than in the previous two years have been greatly improved, but there are some regional differences, in which North and South China, central China, Southwest China more active ahead of consumer awareness. Especially the Southwest, express rising consumer demand. Meanwhile, consumers ' spending habits and patterns and maturity. "Gold and nine silver cross" is the national market across all channels "melee" floating on the surface of the period, who most merit, who will be able to grab market share, who also lay the Foundation before 2012.
face whole car market and car supplies market of mutual dependency relationship, believes most from low threshold started of car supplies enterprise also cannot completely control good which of opportunity, whole car market what on car supplies market of effect reflected and which aspects, whole car market of changes for car supplies enterprise, and has how of inspired does? car supplies enterprise what the how taking advantage of to caught opportunities? these car supplies Enterprise general concern of core problem is often suffers from nowhere learn. In order for the benefit of the many problems to be solved and development of automobile products enterprises to build learning and communication platform, this net held special "steam trend new decade" automotive industry forum, via HC media position in the industry, called on industry leaders to explore. In addition, the author was informed that the Organizing Committee of the Forum, the Forum will invite the relevant authorities of China Association of automobile manufacturers explain the dynamics of the domestic auto market and market developments on the opportunities and challenges of automotive aftermarket, to on-demand lost deep in the automotive industry. At present, remains concerned about your automotive supplies industry to seek more opportunities for development, "does not know the truth, just because in the midst of the mountain", "the trend of the new decade" Invites Automotive Industry Authority automotive supplies industry development forum who can offer you advice.
to break through, "off the beaten path". Precipitate cultural, top industry forum activities, taking advantage of Fame. Participation in "trend a new decade" the automotive supplies industry development forum has been.